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Monday 12 January, Thursday 29 January, Monday 9 March,
Monday 23 March, Monday 20 April & Monday 22 June.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to discuss:

  • The rapid improvement of our ‘Good’ college
  • Our exciting curriculum to suit the needs of all learners
  • Our fantastic and dedicated teaching staff
  • Our warm, caring pastoral environment

To find our more or to book a place on an Open Morning, please contact the college on 0151 424 2139 or email

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Highfield Road, Widnes.  WA8 7DW.    Tel:  0151 424 2139  Fax:  0151 422 6500

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Advent Challenge - Update

As has been our tradition over the last 6 years, our Advent in College was again focused on how we could spend our time getting ourselves ready to celebrate Christmas by putting thought, time and energy into raising money to buy gifts – World Gifts – from CAFOD, for those in our world who are challenged in ways we will hopefully never experience.  In College we set our Advent Challenge; we challenge every form to raise enough money to buy just one gift from a selection of 12 CAFOD World Gifts.  The chosen 2014 gift selection ranged from £400 for a Camel, £120 for a Fair Deal for a Farmer, and £90 for a Beehive, through to a Chicken Coop for £56, a Donkey at £49, or a Healthy Mum and Baby at £30, down to £12 for Drought Resistant Crops, £10 for Fabulous Football and £7 for a School Starter Kit.  As you can see there was something for the very ambitious forms to aim at but even the cheapest gift was manageable for all forms to reach within the 3 week Advent Challenge period!  

Whilst the 2014 Challenge didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of 2013’s record-breaking total. I am still delighted and somewhat overwhelmed to announce that CAFOD will shortly be in receipt of a cheque from our community for £4332 which I am sure you will agree is a phenomenal total for such a short period of fundraising, and a great testament to the fact that we are a Christian community in more than just name – yet again we have used Advent to go out of our way to make a difference to the lives of others.

I am currently in the process of taking the gift orders from each form which will then be sent to CAFOD with our cheque; I will let you know what the eventual contents of our shopping list are.  In the mean time I would like to thank everyone for contributing to Advent Challenge 2014 and making it the success it has been.  As always there were many forms who went that extra mile and managed to raise really impressive totals – we are really proud of you all.  Special mention should go to the Design and Technology Department, and all the forms who made a contribution to the wonderful Christmas Fair we held in College at the start of December.  Not only was this a really lovely occasion with such a happy and festive atmosphere but it really made a difference to the totals of those forms who ran stalls. We also enjoyed a Staff Christmas Jumper competition in the last week of term thanks to 10 CRPT and as always, enjoyed the delights of cupcakes and hot chocolate, raffles and jewellery sales.  So many forms helped to ensure that our Advent was not only meaningful, but also fun too!

The Advent fundraising crown this year is given to the Year 7 team who between them managed to raise over £1100 with 7GMCI topping the chart as the form raising the most money across the whole of the College (over £300 from just one form is noteworthy to say the least!).  Every form, Progress Tutor and Pastoral & Progress Leader made a contribution in some way to our spectacular 2014 total but I would like to make special mention the forms who raised the most money within in each year group: Y7: GMCIY8: MSNCY9: DMYCY10: ESDTY11: JMLT  VI:JWLC (for the second year running).

Kate Loftus - College Chaplain


Year 7 Science Exhibition

On Monday 12 January over 80 Year 7 parents visited our college for the Science Exhibition.  They were taken into the hall where our Science Team talked about the new, thematic approach to Science lessons. There were certificates handed out to each student and a competition to design a 3D model of a joint from the human body was launched.  In the labs the parents had a chance to look at the display work produced by the Year 7 students and also participate in some practical work which was led by the Year 7 students themselves.

Overall this was a huge success and we look forward to hosting more events like these in the future.  We have posted out feedback sheets to the parents that attended.  Please take time to complete the questionnaire.  The pictures show some students and parents from the exhibition and students doing practicals leading up to the exhibition in the Science Dept.

The Science Dept